EE embarked on a refresher course program

In line with the company's goal of achieving its target for the year, the Support Group has embarked on a refresher course program focusing on the current products being handled by the sales and service teams.

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Equipment Engineers, Inc. (EE) has a complete line of products with a wide range of applications that cater to petroleum companies, from underground pipework and containment systems to nozzles and hoses for gasoline stations.

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Since the 1990s, Equipment Engineers, Inc. (EE) has always been in the forefront of supplying quality construction products to its parent company, EEI Corporation, and other construction companies. EE has been expanding its construction product lines to better serve the industry.

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Power & Auxiliary

Equipment Engineers, Inc. (EE) has always been a trusted provider and vital partner in providing process equipment and power instruments to the growing power generation cooperatives in the Philippines. EE provides solutions in integrating sustainable prices and adopting green technologies through the efficient power equipment and fire suppression, surveillance, telecommunication, and other building facilities into one system.

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Mining & Industrial

Equipment Engineers, Inc. (EE) has been delivering quality mining equipment and consumables since the 1930s. Today, EE is still providing the same quality of products and is continuously improving its services to the industry. EE has also maintained its lead in the Industrial Equipment Industry through the help of the latest trends of precast molds and hoists.

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Growing Partners

Equipment Engineers, Inc. (EE) is happy to introduce the newest additions to its roster of products.                                                                        

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Our Company

Equipment Engineers, Inc. (EE) is a principal provider of international equipment and systems in the Philippines. It is a subsidiary of EEI Corporation, the Philippines’ leading construction company.

EE started as a Machinery division of EEI with business focus as importer and provider of equipment and supplies for mining companies. In later years, it expanded its product lines to a full range of industrial equipment and systems to serve other sectors of the economy: Heavy industries, oil and petroleum companies, manufacturing enterprises, construction firms, and other businesses. Its clients includes prominent companies such as Petron, Pilipinas Shell, San Miguel Corporation, JG Summit, PLDT, National Power Corporation, Caltex Philippines, Meralco, Benguet Mining, Philex Mining, Solid Cement, among others.

EE's goal is to contribute significantly to the industrial and economic development of the Philippines. As a major provider of industrial products and engineering services, the company aims to supply business companies competitive and superior solutions and systems from both overseas and local suppliers.

In 2007, EEI Corporation transformed EE into a Supply Chain Management (SCM) organization to serve not only its expanding operations, but also the whole construction industry.

SCM is naturally the next stage for EE since it integrates its portfolio of equipment, systems, and industrial products with its new focus of providing the management of complete end-to-end materials and logistic needs to its customers from the building, industrial, engineering, and construction industries.